Templates with cut out patterns or with flanges to mark a drawing or engraving on the damp leather to emboss on leather. Templates of alphabets, animals, plants, sheridan and other symbols.

  • Alphabet

    Templates of letters and complete alphabets to emboss in leather.

  • Animals

    Template of various domestic and wild animals. Alone or in scenes in nature, to make talabarteados belts, covers of books and others.

  • Celtic

    Templates of Celtic symbols to mark patterns on leather. You can get easily provided spectacular drawings using these reusable templates.

  • Corners

    Templates with special patterns to perform at corners or end your work of embossment and leather patterns. Variety of styles.

  • Flowers

    Templates of floral motifs and plants to decorate leather, saddlery and embossed work.

  • Sheridan

    Templates style sheridan and patterns recorded for leather to professional works.

  • Symbols

    Templates for leather with various symbols to perform recorded professional in your work of saddlery and harness.

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