All kinds of consumables and supplies for craft. Consumables for knives, leather, wrought iron products, spare parts for machines them, sanding bands,... separated by the manufacturing process in which they are used. Consumables and supplies for the slab, floor sanding, polishing, Assembly and finishing in knives, swords, pistols and others.

  • Forging

    Supplies, consumables and materials for forging craft knives and other handicraft works. Special carbon, fluxes, sheets of tempered,... If you are looking for tools to build, look in the Tools section.

  • Grinding

    Supplies and consumables for sanding or grinding of metals. Discs, sandpaper and other products specific to manufacture blades and handles of knives, by removing the material. For artisans, blacksmiths, amateurs. Professional supplies.

  • Marking

    Tagging and coined, logos on blades of knives and other metals. Also for marking in leather. -Dies for steel and leather. -Electro-marking.

  • Heat treatment

    Supplies and materials used during quenching, tempering, normalized and other heat treatments used to treat steel. Special cutlery heat treatment supplies.

  • Polishing

    Materials and supplies for polishing steel and other metals: copper, brass, nickel, silver,... etc. Polishing wheels, wheels, bands and other consumables for the grinding blades of knives and other crafts. Professionals finishing compounds to polishing. Mirror polished or satin finishing.

  • Assembly

    Products and materials used in the fixing, fastening or assembly of parts. Materials specific for cutlery. -Adhesives and epoxy resins. -Screws for knives. -Rivets. And more...

  • Finishes and Treatments

    Products for superficial or deep finishes. Protective steel covers, sealers and hardeners for wood. -Waxes. -Wood stains. -Patinas for blades of knives. -Sealers.

  • Products for leather

    Products and chemicals for leather, specially selected for professional finishes. Everything you need to make covers. For amateurs, artisans, saddlers and leather professionals. -Wire. -Rivets and eyelets. -Dyes. -Adhesives. -Protectors. -Grease.

  • Kydex products

    Special selection of lighting fixtures and consumables used in kydex holsters. -Screws, rivets, eyelets. -Foam for press. -Tek-lok. -Adhesives.

  • Personal protection

    Items and products for hygiene and personal protection when carrying out certain works of craftsmanship with certain products. -Safety glasses. -Gloves. -Masks and respirators.

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