Stamps - Dies

Stamps - Dies

We have a large number of dies to emboss leather, separated by category according to the function used for that. Matrix professional for all types of leather works.

  • Backgrounds

    Dies and stamps for backgrounds, thus gets highlighted in figures, or highlight aspects of the drawing that we are doing. Dies of various shapes and textures to suit all needs.

  • Basketweave

    Die style basketweave to simulate the braided baskets. Embossed leather with these stamps will get a perfect basket pattern. Different models: -Straight. -Oblique. -Triple.

  • Bevelers

    Stamps and dies for beveled to enhance drawings or embossment pattern motifs. Different bevelers for leather, smooth surface, grated or in mesh, with various shapes.

  • Carving

    Tools and tooling specially designed to perform engraving of figures in leather. These tools are used by embossers and afols to craftsmanship in leather.

  • Camouflage

    These dies are used in embossing to make transitions between tools and others, to conduct auctions of other types of embossing and also to make edges or frame where framing or result the embossed.

  • Flowers

    Stamps with motifs of flowers and leaves for Matt on leather. Also dies to make flowers and leaves embossed.

  • Geometric

    Dies and stamps to carry out the embossed with geometric, infinite patterns figures. With different forms for engravings.

  • Mulefoot - Hooves

    These dies are used to simulate feathers of birds, the scales of the fish and also for many floral details, tips of leaves and petals. Even for many decorations and edges.

  • Shaders

    Dies for reliefs and shadings of figures or funds in leather. Various formats, smooth texture, ribbed and grid.

  • Veiners

    These stamps and dies are used mainly to simulate veins or strands of plants, also to give relief on the leaves. Another of the main use, is to decorate edges of patterns and projects of embossed leather.

  • Various

    Dies, stamps and several matrix with different motifs and decorative patterns. Fun figures or typical usually used for more casual embossed.

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