Stamps for leather

Stamps for leather

Estampos and dies to record motives, figures, numbers and letters in leather by beating. Also valid for use in stamping machine. -Alphabets. -Numbers. -Animals, flowers and various reasons. Looking for handle suitable for your marks.

  • Alphabets - Numbers

    Stamps for leather with alphabet A - Z, numbers, letters and characters of accentuation. Various sizes, search that is best suited to your project.

  • Animals

    Stamps with animal figures to emboss on leather. Often used to decorate pillowcases, saddle bags, handbags, boots,... -Lions. -Horses. -Eagles. -Wolves. -Snakes. And more animals.

  • Flowers

    Dies and stamps with figures of flowers for stamping on leather. Roses, daisies, flowers type Sheridan,...

  • Motifs - Symbols

    Dies and stamps with several reasons to be punched in the leather, as decorative elements. -American symbols. -Flags -Celtic symbols. -Biker. And more symbols to make prints.

  • Stamps kit´s

    Set´s of symbols and motifs decorating leather, by stamping. -Floral Kit´s. -Kit´s Indian symbols. -Set Celtic motifs. -Chinese lyrics

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