All types of machinery used in the manufacture of cutlery, for all manufacturing processes:-Forges. -Furnaces. -Sanders. -Polishing machines.And other machines and tools used to manufacture knives, knives and other types of craft.

  • Forges

    Coal forges and forges of gas for forging craft knives and other handicrafts. Forges for artisans and amateurs of the forge in general. To forge: knives, swords, Damascus Steel, fences, gates and other artistic forgings.

  • Ovens

    Furnaces for heat, tempered, tempering, annealing and standard treatments. -Electric furnaces. -Gas furnaces. -Manufacturing & replacement parts. -Control electronics, probes,... - burners. Formats and measures tailored to work with knives, knives, swords and other items of similar sizes.

  • Sanders

    Special work craftsmen, versatile and adapted Sanders for professionals and amateurs. -Sanders for knives. -Tensors. -Wheels and pulleys. -Repair parts and spare parts. Bands of sandpaper, polishing wheels and other similar section of consumable parts.

  • Polishing machines

    Polishing machines for artisans and crafts lovers amateurs. Gets polished mirror in knives, knives, swords, other weapons and jewelry. Polishers single phase and trifasicas for professional use.

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