Embossing tools

Embossing tools

Hand tools used in works of embossment and talabarteado, used by enthusiasts and craft professionals. -Gravers. -Estampos. -Machines and engraving equipment. -Matrix. -Hammers and mallets. And more tools for embossing.

  • Burnishers - Creasers - Folders - Slickers

    The burnishers and crimps are used by craftsmen to prepare, straighten or bend leather. Also for sealing edges of sleeves, straps and belts. -Glass polisher. -Wooden burnisher. -Warp of bone, wood or horn. -Burnishing wheel.

  • Gravers

    Chisels with different tips and sizes for different works of embossed leather. Professional engravers for craftsmen embossers. -Ergonomic gravers. -Gravers of markup. - Modeling tools.

  • Rougher

    Special duty on leather rougher. This type of tool are used to prepare the leather dye, glue, remove protective patinas or to give a rough surface finish similar to the suede.

  • Knives for embossing

    Rotating knives for cuts in leather to emboss. We have different types of knives for both craftsmen and enthusiasts to the works of saddlery. Height-adjustable rotating knives. Ergonomic handle knives. Professional of Emboss knives. Replacement of steel and ceramic blades.

  • Stamps for leather

    Estampos and dies to record motives, figures, numbers and letters in leather by beating. Also valid for use in stamping machine. -Alphabets. -Numbers. -Animals, flowers and various reasons. Looking for handle suitable for your marks.

  • Slabs of embossing

    To be able to do a good job of embossment or matting is imprencindible have a base firm and hard, to suffer the blows. Embossment on soft or uneven surfaces, causes deformations in printed motifs, in addition it is necessary to hit more times or more to get the same impression. Therefore we recommend to use a slab of embossment.

  • Embossing machines

    Machine manuals to emboss leather and tools. Especially indicated for large jobs or series. Very easy to use, saves a lot of time and effort. -Manual roulette of embossing. -Circular die. -Press - Manual press.

  • Stamps leathercraft

    They are tools to make engravings or carvings in leather. Make professional prints with our tools for embossing leather. -Kit´s of stamps. -Set of motifs. - And all types of dies by function, bevelers, shaders...

  • Mallets

    Maillets to emboss leather for saddlers and craftsmen of leather. Wood, leather or synthetic, Bludgeons to hit stamps, matrix and dies for the carving.

  • Brushes

    Brushes and other tools for dyeing or painting leather. -Wool brush. -Pallets. -Rollers for edges.

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