Sheath Materials

Leather, kydex and other products for sheath making for: knives, guns, swords and others. We also have tools for working leather and kydex, in our tools section. Consumables, such as buckles, hooks, eyelets, consumables section.

  • Leather

    Leather is the material most used in the manufacture of all kinds of items, for its resistance and ease of work. Factory knives and blades made of leather vegetable or dyed pillowcases.

  • Kydex

    The kydex was a material developed for military industry, which spread quickly to others like the aeronautical. Waterproof, durable and moldable material by temperature. Used in the manufacture of covers: knives, guns, knives and anything else likely to be ported over, as boots, cameras,... etc. Different thicknesses and colors to choose from according to tastes or needs.

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