Sewing tools

Sewing tools

Tools, supplies and supports, for sewing leather, used by professionals, craftsmen, guanicioneros and saddlers. Get professional finishes with our tools: -Needles. -Awls and punches. -Desbravador and router. -Tongs punch. -Roulette. -Banks of sewing. And many more tools for sewing leather.

  • Needles saddler

    Steel needles for sewing leather by hand or machine. SADDLER needles to sew with waxed thread, leather lace and cotton yarn. -Straight needles. -Curved needle. -Machine needles.

  • Saddler bench

    Bench for special sewing works, used by craftsmen in leather, saddlers and saddlers. Banks to attach parts or works of leather for sewing or braiding.

  • Creaser - Bevelers - Other tools

    Hand tools to mark edges, lines and grooves in leather, to make bags and other works in leather. Tools used by craftsmen professionals and amateurs.

  • Awls

    Hand tools for marking and making holes in leather and other skins. Awls of various types, used by crafters and saddlers for drilling, drill or widening holes in leather. -Fixed awls. -Punches. -Interchangeable blade awls. -Replacement blade.

  • Sewing machines

    Sewing machines for leather, specially designed for works of saddlery, to sew sleeves, full chaps and saddles and any other work in leather.

  • Riveting tools

    Hand tools and machines for riveting or set all elements and details in leather. Riveting machines from: -Eyelets. -Rivets. -Square brackets. -Automatic. Machine tool and press.

  • Roulette mark stitches

    Roulette or rolling to mark way sewing stitches easy and fast. Used to mark the distance between stitches all craftsmen and saddlers. -Roulette basic mark stiches. -Roulette spacer set system. -Compass of saddler.

  • Punches

    Punch blow or wound, tongs and forks punched out to make round or oval holes in leather. Also for cut ends of belts. -Wound belt punch. -Hit punch. -Wound punch. -Tongs punch. -Fork punch. -Punch round, oval and rectangular.

  • Chisels - Pliers

    Pliers for sewing to do fast and simple the perforated leather for sewing with thread, leather laces. Chisels irons 1-4 teeth. Holders for sewing, have since chisels of a tooth, to holders of 6 teeth, to work much faster and with less effort. -Tongs punch. -Teeth for seaming pliers. -Tooth chisels sets. -Holders of 1, 2, 3, 4 teeth. - Chisels tooth straight. - Chisels tooth diamond. -Forks tooth biased. These leather tools are employed in professional work of craftsmen and leather lovers.

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