Cutting tools

Cutting tools

Cutting tools special for leather, hand tools for artisans and enthusiasts. -Knives and chiflas. -Fileatores and desbarbadores. -Cutters. -Gouges. -Half moons. -Routers. And other items to cut leather, or delete part.

  • Skiving Knives

    We have various types of skiving knives, the typical employed in Spain, which is a French skiving knife. Various types, as the English of skewed edge and then the Japanese style asymmetric.

  • Strip & Strap Cutters

    Cutting strips for belts, strips, and tireta with uniform width easily. Used by enthusiasts and craftsmen saddlers, is how quick and safe cutting leather for this purpose. -Cut strips of wood and metal. -Cutting machine for tireta. -Cut strips Australian.

  • Swivel knives

    Rotating knives for cuts on leather to emboss. Employees by Embossers, saddlers, saddlers, and enthusiasts. -Fixed and adjustable rotating knives. -Ergonomic rotating knives. -Professional Rotary knives. -Spare steel and ceramic blades.

  • Leather knives

    Selection of different types of knives and blades, used by craftsmen and professionals for cutting leather. Knives of saddlers, Embossers and talabarderos for cutting leather. -Curved edge knife. -Blade knife. -Court engraver. -Knives and scalpels for precision cutting. And other types of knives used for this purpose.

  • Gouges for leather

    We have various types of gouges to make v-shaped recesses, remove strips with desfloradores and other tools used by craftsmen in the leather. -V-shaped gouges -Bevelers.

  • Medium round knives

    The average is a type of cutting knife to leather, whose medium round blade reminiscent of the shape of a half moon, hence comes the curious name. Sharp knife for cutting leather easily. Various sizes: small, medium and large. Various materials: steel, Damascus steel.

  • Skivers - Splitters - Edge Bevelers

    Machines and tools for slimming leather of all kinds, for craftsmen and amateurs. -Leather Beveling. -Knife skivers. -Skiving machine, Splitter. -Miling.

  • Cutting tables

    Tables and bases to make cuts and puzonados in leather. It extends the life of your punches and blades cutting on them. Get clean cuts using our work bases and preserves the cutting edge of cutting tools much longer. Dampens noise of the matting and stamping, colocandolas under the slabs of granite.

  • Scissors

    Scissors for artisans, saddlers and craftwork. Scissors of various sizes and measurements depending on the type of application that you want to give.

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