Leather tools

Leather tools

Tools for working with leather and others for Kydex.Tools for saddlers, talabarderos and leather craftsmen, to manufacture cases for knives, backpacks and any type of leather products.Needles, scissors, matrix, punches, awls, knives,... etc.

  • Cutting tools

    Cutting tools special for leather, hand tools for artisans and enthusiasts. -Knives and chiflas. -Fileatores and desbarbadores. -Cutters. -Gouges. -Half moons. -Routers. And other items to cut leather, or delete part.

  • Sewing tools

    Tools, supplies and supports, for sewing leather, used by professionals, craftsmen, guanicioneros and saddlers. Get professional finishes with our tools: -Needles. -Awls and punches. -Desbravador and router. -Tongs punch. -Roulette. -Banks of sewing. And many more tools for sewing leather.

  • Embossing tools

    Hand tools used in works of embossment and talabarteado, used by enthusiasts and craft professionals. -Gravers. -Estampos. -Machines and engraving equipment. -Matrix. -Hammers and mallets. And more tools for embossing.

  • Workshop Equipment

    Kit´s and packs of tools and machines recommended for work of embossment, saddlery and crafts in leather.

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