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Manufactures your craft knife complement from our section of steel for knives. We have all types of steels: carbon, stainless and steel Damascus steel. Blades for knives ready for encabar, if you don't have the means, time or you have not yet acquired sufficient knowledge to start from scratch, you have a great selection of sheets of all kinds and sizes lists so that you only have to make the handle

  • Carbon steels

    This type of steel, has historically been the most used in the manufacture of knives, steel used by craftsmen and factories of weapons around the world. Steels for forging the forge and to crush it with Sanders. Selection of carbon knife steel: 1095, 5160, 52100, 9260, 15N20,...

  • Stainless steels

    This steel is a steel without maintenance, due to its qualities, anti-corrosion rust attack, and its high resistance to other types of attacks, make it a steel very employed in all types of knives, knives and weapons in general. Some very well known are 440, 440 c, 440A, 420, 12 c 27, CPMS30V, 154CM, ATS34,...

  • Damascus steels

    Steel Damascus, with a features and a striking, give a touch of high to the blade of your knife. Millennium steel, used mainly for weapons such as knives and swords. We currently have Damascus steel stainless steel and carbon Damascus steel. We have from basic patterns: ladder, random, twist, raindrop,... variants from these patterns, and other special patterns, manufactured by master forgers specialize in Damascus and wootz Damascus mosaic.

  • Blades

    Finished blades with a light sharpening, ready to put the handle. Choose your handle material, to customize the final just to your liking. A process, fast, simple and suitable for all levels, from beginners to Master gunsmiths and Cutlers. - Blades of knives. -Razor blades.

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