Leather is the material most used in the manufacture of all kinds of items, for its resistance and ease of work. Factory knives and blades made of leather vegetable or dyed pillowcases.

  • Leather by animal

    All our selection of leather and skins, according to the animal from which it was obtained. Whether common animal skins as: beef, pork, lamb, sheep,... animal less common such as: deer, Buffalo, bison, elk,... and exotic animals as: Snake, lizard, crocodile, ostrich,...

  • Embossed leather

    Whole skins and pieces of already-embossed leather. Prints with floral motifs, imitation of crocodile, ostrich and others. Perfect for inlays in bags, accessories, clothing manufacture and also for furniture upholstery.

  • Exotic skins

    Fur and leather belonging to animals exotic, rare or highly demanded by its exclusivity. Skin of snakes, lizards, alligator, ostrich... In this section you can also find imitations at more affordable prices.

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