Finished blades with a light sharpening, ready to put the handle. Choose your handle material, to customize the final just to your liking. A process, fast, simple and suitable for all levels, from beginners to Master gunsmiths and Cutlers. - Blades of knives. -Razor blades.

  • Knives blades

    Finished knives blades of different types, uses and steels, ready to make the handle. Never was so easy to customize a knife, choose the blade of the knife and manufactures the handle to your taste, with wood, micarta, bone, Horn, or what you like.

  • Folding knives blades

    Sheets, knives and kit´s ready to assemble the grips of mangoes. Knives of carbon steel, stainless steel and steel Damascus to customize. It selects the material of handle and customize you knife.

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