Selection of chemicals used on leather, both for professional work as a craft. Dyes, acrylic paints, adhesives, glues, varnishes, protectors of leather, conditioners, and products for the care and conservation of leather.

  • Leather Conditioners

    Products that condition and prepare skins to work on them, such as facilitating the embossment, or tinted. Also make some finishes.

  • Fiebings

    Special for brand Fiebings leather chemical products, have a world-renowned craftsmen and manufacturers of all types of leather, especially handbags and saddlery.

  • Patinas

    Chemicals for patinas on leather, protective products against humidity or conservation. Finished surface, shiny or satin-finished, patinas of aged care.

  • Adhesives

    Adhesives and glues for working with leather, handicraft or professional work.-Contact glue. -Water-based adhesives. -Cement.

  • Dyes

    Products for painting or dyeing leather, products for craftsmen and professionals. -Dyes. -Acrylic paints. -Dyes for edges.

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